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 Yichang Zhongying Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.,Ltd is committed to the research and development,production and promotion of high molecular synthetic material,especially the polyester synthetic material, and the development of the special use of the polyester material in such fields as textile chemical industry and engineering manufacture. Located in Dangyang city, Hubei Province, the company has more than 216 employees,60% of whom has college degree or above,five of whom are senior engineers and twelve of whom are engineers. The company has established a good technical cooperation relationship with domestic famous universities and related research institutions at home and abroad and has a strong  R & D strength of product.

The company has the annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons of special polyester synthetic material and the main production equipment were imported from abroad.The company's products is the result of  the company's independent research and development, with a high technical content.The main products include alkali soluble polyester, water- soluble modified polyester,alcohol- soluble modified polyester ,flame retardant polyester, alcohol modified PETG, fluoridation modified polyester and polymer liquid crystal polyester. 

For a long time, in order to improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise, the company has adhered to the principle of equal emphasis on technology and quality ,to survive by quality and develop by innovation.The company with advanced production lines, complete sets of testing devices, perfect analytical equipment and  high -level production and R & D team, can provide you with products and services of multilevel and wide range.  

The company provides domestic and foreign customers with quality products ,provide customers with needs of special materials with   customized solutions and is willing to carry out extensive cooperation with the upstream and downstream customers and develop differentiated products.  

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